Family Gathers For Reunion Year After Year For 125 Years So Their Kids Will Know Their Heritage

family holds annual reunion, 125 years

One family has been meeting in Indiana, holding a reunion in the Hoosier State for more than 120 years.

There are many ways in which the Lord blesses the lives of those who follow and obey Him. From good health, and a steady source of income to His daily protection and guidance, God shows his love, mercy and goodness on a continual basis.

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But one of the biggest ways the Lord blesses His followers is through the gift of family. These are the people who will remain by our side through thick and thin. The Beck family is well aware of the importance of family, which is why they have held an annual reunion every year since 1899, according to The Epoch Times.

The longstanding tradition was first established in 1899 in early July. It was birthday celebration for Mary Jeanette Foglesong Beck, the outlet reports. Until her death in 1919, the gathering was held at her home.

After Mary's passing, the gathering began moving around and was held at different Beck family households. Eventually, around 1925, the reunion moved to Province Park in Franklin, Indiana. It has been there ever since. The family held their most recent reunion on July 2, 2023, according to The Epoch Times.

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One man who attends the gathering, Victor Cole, mentioned holding the reunions are important, especially when it comes to children.

The Reunions Are Important To Understand And Connect To The Past

The reunion provides a valuable connection to our ancestry that teaches our children where they came from, who their ancestors were, what hardships they endured, and what they accomplished," he told the outlet.

Marty Katherine Beck Petric, 73, attended her first reunion in 1952. She reiterated Victor's point about the importance of connecting to and knowing the past.

"It's just a wonderful thing to remember where we came from, to thank those that came before us. And that we can always know that we're all family in a world that is a little crazy right now," she said.

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"Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it."Proverbs 22:6

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