Desperate Family Races to Afford Life-Saving Surgery for Dog & Strangers Come to the Rescue

strangers raise money for injured animal

A young woman was desperate to save her four-legged and furry friend's life but didn't have the money for the needed surgery, so strangers came through and helped her in a big, big way.

Often social media is nothing more than a massive wasteland of snarky, profanity-laced and rage-fueled posts about the latest political topic. The typically useless content that litters popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok is good for wasting valuable time. Most people would agree that investing less time in social media is always a good idea.

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However, there are brief instances in which something good does come from those sites. One woman, Bellah Hambleton, and her family were the recent beneficiaries of one of those rare occurrences, according to Insider. Strangers came through in a big way, helping to save the life of Bellah's best friend, her dog Alexa.

Text in a video Bellah posted on TikTok explained Alexa's injury and her dire financial straits.

"If 6000 dollars doesn't fall from the sky in two days I have to put my best friend down. Idk what to do," the text reads as clips of a tearful Bellah play.

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The caption accompanying Bellah's video stated that Alexa has "a ruptured disc in her lower spine and. The only option is surgery." Bellah added that her family "doesn't have the money for" the surgery.

Insider reports that someone commenting on the video told the young woman to set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the much-needed surgery.

Strangers Donate Thousands To Help Save Dog’s Life

Bellah set up the page on August 8. Then a page update on August 10 reads that the animal was being prepped for surgery. Strangers donated more than $16,000 to help pay for the animal’s care.

Bellah estimated that the costs of everything involved with the animal's care would be north of $13,000. Bellah wrote left over money will be "donated to a local charity to help other animals with their needs as well."

Strangers, through the power of social media, stepped up in a big way to help a young woman save her best friend’s life.

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"An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel."Proverbs 12:10

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she has a ruptured disc in her lower spine and the only option is surgery which my family doesnt have the money for. and i refuse to just let her go when surgery could save her. i hate being poor.

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