Miracle Triplets Finally Reunited After Overcoming Severe Illnesses

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Miracle Triplets Survived Life-Threatening Illnesses Now Reunited

Three tiny brothers and sisters from the UK are finally back together for the first time since they left their mother’s womb. These little warriors have been fighting for their lives, battling life-threatening illnesses in neonatal units since birth. But now, their parents are praising God after all three miracle triplets survived defied all the odds stacked against them!

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Credit: Bedfordshire News

Maxine Ebanks actually fainted when she found out she was pregnant with triplets.

“We hadn’t planned to start a family; getting pregnant was a wonderful surprise,” Maxine explained. “But when they said triplets I started to panic.”

Panic soon gave way to excitement. But then excitement turned to worry, as the odds that she would lose all 3 babies started growing.

Doctors warned Maxine and her husband, Odayne, that the pregnancy could have serious complications. Odds were the triplets would be born prematurely, and could face developmental issues.

Naturally, the couple was scared. But they trusted and prayed to God for help.

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At 27 weeks, things came to a head. Maxine started bleeding. They rushed to the hospital, where Maxine delivered the triplets — two girls and one boy. It was so early, they feared the babies wouldn’t make it.

“I didn’t know what to do and I knew there was good chance they wouldn’t all make it,” Maxine recalled.

Amazingly, the miracle triplets survived. But the fight was far from over for these tough little warriors!

The Next Hurdle

Instead of getting to cuddle and bond with their 3 children, Maxine and Odayne had to watch from afar as doctors and nurses worked to keep them alive.

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Credit: Bedfordshire News

“Not being able to hold my babies for months and not knowing if they would recover was the hardest time of my life,” Maxine said.

After their birth, doctors discovered the two baby girls, Oneida and Osanna, had heart murmurs. They underwent very risky heart surgery almost immediately and spent months in the hospital recovering.

Their brother, named Odayne after his father, suffered from an inflamed intestine. He spent six months in intensive care.

With so much stacked against their precious babies, Maxine and Odayne did the only thing they could — trust in the Lord.

“I have never cried so much – but I prayed every day and thankfully God was smiling down on my family,” Maxine said.

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Despite all the health challenges, the miracle triplets survived! They defied all the odds. And at eight months, they’re all reunited back at home with their loving mom and dad.

Life With Triplets

The sleepless nights for Maxine and Odayne look very different now. Before, they spent the nights pleading with God to save their babies. Now, they are up loving and caring for their 3 beautiful blessings.

“We’re very tired, but very happy,” Odayne said.

And the miracles continue. Doctors told the couple their babies would face developmental delays. But so far, there have been none. They are growing and hitting all of their milestones, just as they should!

The couple gets lots of help from their church family. And to celebrate the triplets’ amazing fight for life, the family had them blessed at church.

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Credit: Bedfordshire News

It’s been a long road, but after all these miracle triplets survived, their parents sit and marvel at God’s goodness.

“They have given me so much to live for and I could not be more proud”, Maxine said. “They have taught me patience and to be strong. They really are little miracles.”

h/t: Bedfordshire News

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