Proud Mom Of Quadruplets Unexpectedly Passes Away And Her Faith Inspires Family To Hold On

mom of quadruplets

When a mom of quadruplets unexpectedly passes away, her loved ones were devastated. But her strong faith inspires her family to hold on and keep moving forward.

Christina "Tina" Moore found out that she was pregnant with quadruplets in 2008.

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This news may shock most people. But Tina was confident and ready for the four babies that God entrusted to her and her husband, Aaron. She knew that they could rely on God in every situation. He would give them the strength they needed to get by.

Now Aaron is holding on to God for strength in the midst of Tina's unexpected death. The mother of quadruplets was only 36 years old.

During this hard time, the calls, gifts, visits, and prayers from their family and community have helped comfort Aaron and his four children: Jack, Joseph, Noah, and Grace. The support is reminiscent of the time when the couple first became new parents to four little ones.

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"I miss her so much, but I have to keep coming back to the time we had together," says Aaron as he reflects on his 14 years of marriage to Tina. "I'm grateful to have had her to teach me what it means to be an incredible parent. She was an amazing mom."

Mom Of Quadruplets Leaves A Legacy Of Faith After Her Death

Tina loved her children so much and was grateful for every minute with them. She once said in an interview, "Cherish every moment you have with them. Hold them. If there's a choice between doing a chore or holding a baby, then hold the baby." When God finally answered her prayer to get pregnant and become a mother, she knew that she was just given the "greatest gift in the world."

And Aaron will do all that he has to make sure that his kids remember how incredible their mother was.

"I want them to remember an amazingly strong person who lived with faith," he said. "I want them to know that the best day in her life was the day they were born and that her proudest role was to be their mother."

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May God comfort this sweet family during this devastating time, and may they always look to Him for strength and guidance.

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