It Looks Like The Moon Is Melting Into A Waterfall And These 7 Images Are Sure To Inspire Awe

moon melting into waterfall

It looks like the moon is melting into a waterfall and these seven images are sure to inspire awe. Why? Because there's something about the moon that reminds us of our Creator God.

We human beings tend to be broken in our humanity and we're filled with darkness until God shines His love on us and lights up the night. You see, the moon doesn't actually pour celestial light onto the earth. This means there's actually no such thing as moonlight.

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Instead, the moon when it's in the right place reflects the sun's light. We too, shine the Son's light. Standing in Jesus' light, even the ugliest of scars are brilliantly beautiful imperfections made perfect.

When I look at the moon melting into a waterfall in these photos, I'm reminded of how we too are God's light. Philippians 2:15 says, "Try to shine as lights among the people of this world, as you hold firmly to the message that gives life."

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Perhaps that's why these beautiful digital renderings of the moon are drawing so much attention on the internet. The photos reveal a night deep in darkness and the moon, invisible during the day, adorns itself with the channeled light of the sun. Each is unique and reminds us just how majestic our mighty God is.

Moon Melting Into A Waterfall — 7 Stunning Images

This photograph shows the moon as if it's on the edge of the world and rising out of the water! Gorgeous! And I couldn't agree more with the caption: "There’s something about people, photographs, music and words that speak to my soul. I feel God’s majesty personified and exemplified through them. All of life’s complexities somehow gets simplified because it makes you realize how beautiful life is and how awesome people truly are."

The Moon is Melting!! ( by Murat Akyol) from r/pics

This one depicts a dark world filled with the light of the moon melting into a waterfall with a picturesque old house resting on a cliff. Wouldn't this be an incredible sight to witness.

Can you imagine taking a walk in the forest, late at night right before bed and you find this bridge? Then the next moment takes your breath away as you look up and see the moon melting into the waterfall!

The artist who created this video goes by the name of Frederick Barnes on Instagram. He managed to create a video that depicts the moon melting like lava into a river.

This pin takes a slightly different approach as it reveals a softly light moon cascading into a cavernous waterfall.

Images Of Moon Melting Shows Gift Of Creativity

Would have imagined a flashlight revealing the moon like this? Somehow I don't think the flashlight would shine as brightly! But whoa, what an incredible image!

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Now this image has floated around the internet a few times and sparked a major debate about whether or not it was real. that it is not. It is two digital images overlaid to create this powerful and breathtaking effect of the moon melting into a waterfall!

But what a beautiful image, nonetheless. And it just shows the incredible gift of creativity God has passed on to His children.

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"Try to shine as lights among the people of this world, as you hold firmly to the message that gives life." Philippians 2:15

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