Woman Shocked When Security Cameras Show Mountain Lion And Family Dog ‘Playing’

a family dog and mountain lion spotted "playing" in backyard

A woman in central California saw an unusual sight when she looked out into her backyard: a mountain lion.

Animals are cute and cuddly creatures who all deserve love, kindness and care. But, everyone knows, when it comes to some animals, that tenderness and respect can and should come from a safe distance. Unlike house pets, wild animals will react to interaction with a human in a far different and less appreciative way.

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That's likely what was going through Sandy Ali's mind after she was informed, during a Bible study at her house, that her two dogs were playing outside, according to KCRA. Sandy knew something was immediately wrong because she only has one dog.

"I was having a Bible study in our rec room. My friend looked out and said, ‘Oh your dogs are playing,' and I said, ‘I only have one dog,' Sandy told the outlet.

So, what was that other creature mistaken for a "dog?" Well, it turned out to be a mountain lion, according to USA Today.

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Video captured of the interaction between the dog and mountain lion shows the wild animal being chased by the canine. Seconds after the clip begins, the mountain lion races toward the camera, disappearing out of frame.

The dog, right on the mountain lion's heels, is only seconds behind the wild animal. About four or five seconds later, the mountain lion reappears. It’s spotted going the opposite direction, likely, once again, trying to avoid the dog’s wrath.

The Mountain Lion Showed Off Its Impressive Jumping Ability

Sandy told KCRA that she witnessed the wild animal jump high into a tree in a single bound. The move from the big cat was "really beautiful," according to Sandy.

She then phoned 911 and informed them of the situation. First responders later arrived on the scene and attempted to capture the animal from its hiding spot in a tree.

Unfortunately, those on the scene were unable to secure the animal because it, once again, displayed its tremendous leaping ability. The mountain lion jumped into a field, avoiding capture.

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"And God created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good."Genesis 1:21

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h/t: KCRA & USA Today

Featured Image Credit: Facebook.com/KCRA Lee Anne Denyer