Bride And Groom Had A Clever Solution When They Realized The Were In Need Of A Notary

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In order to get married, a bride and groom were going to need a notary. However, they discovered there wasn’t one at the courthouse. So, the couple in love ended up saying "I do" at a random but memorable location!

Marriage is a beautiful ceremony where two people in love exchange vows, promising to stay together through the good and the bad times. Cherished and dearly held memories are often created during the wedding ceremony, the reception that typically follows and the honeymoon.

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But as one couple shows in a video posted on YouTube, memories can be created anywhere. They also show that the location where a couple says "I do" does not matter, but to whom those words are said that really counts.

The short clip begins with the bride and groom dressed to the nines, ready to say their "I dos" as they head down the road. At first, it's unclear where the happy couple is headed. But soon after the clip begins, the bride announces their destination.

"We're going to the UPS Store!" she says.

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Seconds after the bride's statement, text on the screen explains why they were visiting the UPS Store. In order to get married, the couple would need a notary. However, there is no notary at the courthouse where they were planning to wed.

So, the bride and groom improvised!

Couple Ties The Knot At The UPS Store

A UPS Store employee holds their newly signed marriage certificate up to the camera.

"Signed, sealed and delivered," the woman states.

The store had just what the newlyweds needed – a notary!

But like every good marriage ceremony, there must be food and a celebration afterward. The newlyweds did not forget to complete this step either.

As the woman takes a bite of french fries, the text informs viewers that the bride and groom celebrated the special occasion with "some Burger King."

While they may have encountered hardships and were forced to take some literal detours on their big day, they are both in good spirits. The bride states, "It's a good story to tell our kids one day, right?"

The sweet clip proves that if you've found the right person, the location of the wedding ceremony does not matter.

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Genesis 2:24 "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall join to his wife: and they shall be one flesh."

WATCH: Bride And Groom Find Out They Need A Notary, So They Wed At UPS Store

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