Elderly Woman Living All Alone Pens Note to Neighbors That Shows the Power of Kindness

note to neighbors

When an elderly woman reached out for help via a note to her neighbors, she learned that sometimes all you have to do is ask!

Reaching out to strangers can sometimes be hard. Oftentimes, asking for help is difficult. However, when a 72-year-old woman expressed a need to her neighbors, she received just what she wanted-DVDs and books to help her fill her time.

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The woman placed a note on a door in the lobby of her apartment building, hoping neighbors would respond to her plea. The note read, "Help - has anyone any spare books or DVDs. I am 72 and live alone, and am going round the twist with nothing to read."

Those of us west of "the pond" may not be familiar with the expression that the English lady used in her note. When she said she was going "round the twist," she probably meant that she was getting a bit stir-crazy or going a little nuts without something to fill her time.

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She left her apartment number so that neighbors knew where to drop their offerings and thanked them in advance for any help they might offer. And, help they did!

The elderly lady received a stack of reading materials and movies!

Follow Up Note To Neighbors

Touched and appreciative, she left a second note to her neighbors in the lobby. This time, she expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of love and entertainment. She wrote, "Thank you everyone. I am most touched and appreciative of your generosity and kindness. When I have finished the books, DVDs etc. I shall leave them on the little table in the lobby for everyone to enjoy."

Her simple request for help has now resulted in a sort of sharing library of reading and watching resources. That's pretty cool!

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The sweet senior wrote a postscript on her second note, saying, "You have saved an old birds sanity." Actually, her ask just helped her neighbors show their humanity!

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." Matthew 5:5

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