Expectant Mom Fears No Heartbeat When Doctor Makes Strange Face, but There Are Actually 4

spontaneous identical quadruplets

Jenny Marr went in for an ultrasound and thought there was no heartbeat, but soon found out she was pregnant with spontaneous identical quadruplets. Yep, four babies!

Jenny and her husband Chris are from Grapevine, TX, and met in a local pub. They had been trying to have a baby for several months before they got pregnant in 2019.

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They Thought Something Was Wrong

When Jenny and her husband Chris went in for their first ultrasound, they were shocked. At first, Jenny noticed a strange look on their doctor’s face. She then became worried that something was wrong.

"I was like, ‘Oh no, there's no heartbeat,'” Jenny recalled.

The worried mom-to-be asked if there was an issue and got an answer she certainly wasn’t expecting!

Jenny’s doctor, Dr. Lauren Murray, an OB-GYN at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, reassured them that there was a heartbeat. But there was also other news, “She goes, ‘Ya’ll, there’s three babies in there.’ And we were just absolutely floored."

Finding out that you are going to have more than one baby is quite a shock, and hearing you are having three is even more so. But Jenny and Chris were about to find out about another piece of news.

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It’s Spontaneous Identical Quadruplets

A week after their first ultrasound, they went to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for a follow-up and did another ultrasound. And that is when they found out that they were not just having three babies but four.

Jenny and Chris are only children and don’t know of any multiples in their family, so having spontaneous identical quadruplets is incredibly rare. According to Dr. Murry and her colleagues, “identical spontaneous quadruplet births occur in 1 in 11 million or 1 in 15 million births.” Dr. Murry went on to say, “It’s unbelievable! It’ll never happen again in my career.”

Babies Born During COVID

All four babies shared the same placenta, which made the pregnancy more complicated. And as most expectant parents would be, Jenny and Chris were a bit worried. “The risk was that one of the babies can develop stronger and basically take away from the other babies,” Chris explained. The doctor also told them that the babies could need surgery.

Labor began at 28.5 weeks, right at the start of COVID-19. Hospitals were changing their policies, and things weren’t exactly normal. Jenny was worried about how all of that would affect her labor and birth.

“For the first time (during my pregnancy), I anticipated the worst,” she said. “Maybe we were going to have sick babies, and they were going to be in the NICU.”

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God Watches Over the Birth

God watched over Jenny and the four babies as the C-section went well, and the spontaneous identical quadruplets entered the world on March 15th, 2020. First came Harrisson at 2lbs 6oz, then Hardy at 2lbs 10oz, Henry was third at 2lbs 6.7oz, and Hudson, rounding up the four babies, was 1lb 15oz.

All four were born in just three minutes. “We called them our baby birds,” Jenny said. “Because they really looked like baby birds.” The boys needed to stay in the NICU for about ten weeks, and three of them did need oxygen.

With four identical babies, you might be wondering how the parents will be able to tell them apart. “They each have little bitty characteristics,” Chris explained. “When we sit down and look at them, we can figure out who they are, but if you just look at them from a distance, they all look the same.”

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Four years later, the sweet brown-haired boys just celebrated their 4th birthday party. They appear to be doing well and enjoying life as young toddlers, keeping their parents plenty busy.

Each baby is a blessing from God, and having four at once can seem a bit overwhelming, but that also means four more blessings to love and adore. Many blessings to this sweet family as they raise these four little boys.

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5

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