He Was Forced To Give Up His Beloved Dog When He Was Hospitalized So Nurse Steps In

nurse adopts dog

A brokenhearted man in New York had to take his beloved pup to the local shelter when he didn't have someone to care for his pet while in rehabilitation. Just when it seems like healthcare workers couldn't go any more above and beyond their duties, a nurse adopts the patient's dog to keep them together.

Right before the holiday season, John Burley got admitted to the hospital with an illness. With nobody able to take care of his dog, Boomer, John made a tough decision. Although he loved his furry buddy, he had no choice but to surrender him to the local Humane Society.

Thankfully, an angel wearing scrubs stepped in to save the day.

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Sometime before his hospitalization, John was a daily patient at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing. While working at that same health center, Nurse Jennifer Smith befriended John and knew all about little Boomer. That's why she called John in the hospital when she heard he got admitted.

After finding out that John had to say goodbye to his little companion, Jennifer knew exactly what she had to do.

Another employee from The Grand Rehabilitation said, "She went right to the Rome Humane Society that day and paid the adoption fee, took him to the vet, and went on a shopping spree for food, a crate, toys, and doggy clothes."

Nurse Adopts Dog Her Patient Had To Give Up

Jennifer called John to let him know that she and her family adopted his pup to give him a home while John recovered. She called him every day to share updates about Boomer and his adventures; he was getting plenty of love, scratches, and treats. Knowing that his fur baby was in good hands had to be relieving.

Once John recovered, his doctor recommended attending a rehabilitation of his choice. And immediately, John chose none other than Jennifer's center.

To celebrate John's recovery, Jennifer dressed Boomer in some Christmas pajamas and visited the hospital. Another nurse said, "When he saw Jennifer and Boomer come around the corner, he just burst into tears and reached for his pal. There was not a dry eye in the room between residents and staff. He was so happy to see the dog and so thankful to Jennifer for saving him."

It’s not every day a nurse adopts a patient’s dog. But Jennifer was willing to go above and beyond to do the right thing. Now, Boomer tags along with Jennifer to work every day and sees John all the time. The happiest ending to the most wholesome story.

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Thank God for blessing us with wonderful caretakers with beautiful souls like Jennifer's. They truly make the world a better place!

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