Off-Duty Police Officer Hears An 11-Year-Old Boy Screaming And Becomes Guardian Angel

off-duty police officer saves boy from dogs

A boy’s mom hails an off-duty police officer in Boston for his instrumental role in God’s plan of saving her son.

11-year-old Bramwell Rodriguez-Rojas survived the unthinkable. He was playing in the backyard of his apartment complex when two dogs suddenly attacked him.

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“I heard a bark and then I turned around and started screaming,” the poor boy recalled. “I put my arm in my face and then everything just started to happen.”

With no way to defend himself, Bramwell called out for help.

“I was crying and telling Jesus to save me,” he says.

Thankfully, God put an off-duty police officer in the right place at the right time to hear the boy’s screams.

Off-Duty Police Officer Hears Boy’s Cries For Help

The officer raced into the yard, firing his gun to scare off the dogs.

“Then he put his arm on my chest and he was seeing that I kept breathing,” Bramwell explained. “He was telling me to stay with him and I tried my hardest to not close my eyes.”

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The 11-year-old boy suffered bites to his neck, arm, and legs. The damage was severe but could have been so much worse had the off-duty police officer not acted when he did. And that’s why the family is calling the man their “guardian angel.”

“I know that God performs miracles,” says Bramwell’s mother, Georgia Rojas. “He was instrumental in the hands of God, in giving my son the help he so desperately called for in that moment.”

Bramwell Rodriguez-Rojas underwent several surgeries, one of which was six hours long. Stitches and bandages covered his small body.

But despite all the trauma, the little boy has remained in good spirits, crediting his faith.

“I know I was protected by angels and everything,” he says.

After a week in the hospital, Bramwell was able to go home. And both he and his family are grateful to God and to the community that’s rallied to offer support. A Go Fund Me Page has already raised more than $30,000 to help with the medical costs associated with his recovery.

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The faith of this 11-year-old boy is truly inspiring and we know God has big things in store for this young man!

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