Shop Owner Is Shocked by What He Saw After Shop Was Trashed

In a situation where evil was done, a kind gesture changed everything! Someone completely wrecked the storefront of a local family owned interiors store. It was a heartbreaking day when store owner Thomas Kearney showed up to see dirt from their beautiful floral display all over the sidewalk. He could not believe that someone would do such a senseless act.

godupdates owners shop is trashed

Credit: Mirror

In efforts to find out who was guilty of doing this, Thomas pulled the video from the security camera. He counted that three men were trashing the storefront, but there was a fourth man who took his breath away.

Soon after the vandals fled the scene, a young man walked by the shop and noticed that everything was an awful mess. Without hesitation, he began to clean up what the vandals had done. He was picking up all of the pots and putting what was thrown around back into its place. He takes his time to make sure that he did not miss anything and then continued on his way.

“You couldn’t make it up. You can see the man running and then stopping once he seen the mess and he starts cleaning it all up. It’s absolutely fantastic. The positive moment beat the vandals’ negative moment by a country mile”, Thomas Kearney told Independent.IE.

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Thomas could not believe how kind the stranger was to have done that. The grateful owner was eager to find who the selfless bystander was and give him a reward. His shop posted what happened on their Facebook page. They highlighted the actions of the man who was kind enough to clean up after the vandals. The post quickly went viral and eventually the kind man by the name of Eimhin Keenan made himself known. Thomas was extremely thankful.

godupdates owners shop is trashed

Credit: Independent

“I’m fairly shocked at the reception it got because I thought nothing of it at the time", Eimhin said to Irish Mirror.

Eimhin's deed even impacted the hearts of the three men who were responsible for the vandalism. They returned back to the shop to apologize for what they had done and offered to pay for what they damaged.

WATCH: Kind Bystander Cleans Up After Vandals

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