A Treasured Gift From His Mom Went Missing, And 50 Years Later, He’s Reunited With The Ring

reunited with ring dave radley

A treasured gift from his mom went missing, and fifty years later, he's reunited with the ring. You never know what might be unearthed after a few decades! Dave Radley's family didn't have much, but he knew he was well-loved.

When Dave Radley was twenty-one, his mother surprised him with a nine-carat gold ring which he absolutely adored. But his heart broke when he realized he had lost the ring while picking strawberries.

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He was absolutely distraught and devastated as he searched the field for hours, trying to locate this special treasure. Dave said his mom wasn't upset that he had lost it. But her heart ached for Dave’s miserable feelings about the situation.

Man Reunited With Ring He Lost Decades Ago

Fifty years passed, and a friend of Dave's still owns the land where the ring was lost. A metal detectorist asked if he could try metal detecting in the same field. With permission granted, the landowner told the metal detectorist about the missing jewelry. And what happened next is absolutely a miracle!

The metal detector located the ring under seven inches of dirt. And this meant Dave was finally reunited with the ring he so treasured.

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Dave Radley couldn't believe it. He had the ring cleaned up and appraised. He was surprised that the ring was worth about $700. This surprised him that his mother cared so much about him and must've scrimped and saved to give him such a gift.

"The ring might not have changed, but its owner has-so it's a fairly tight fit. I've had to have it changed slightly as I can just about get it on. But none of that matters because I'm so grateful to have it back," he said.

Thank God Dave was at last reunited with this ring. And this story reminds me of how God doesn't give up looking for his treasures in the world–hearts needing his redemption and saving grace. He won't stop looking until he unearths each of us to bring into his glorious kingdom.

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"They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb," Psalms 19:10.

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