Richmond Security Guard Was Struggling To Pay Her Bills And That’s When A Stranger Stepped In

richmond security guard act of kindness

A Richmond security guard has one fewer burden to carry now that her utility bill is caught up and paid. This Richmond security guard was struggling to pay her bills, and that's when a stranger stepped in.

Shannon Lewis is a young working mom of two. During the pandemic, she found out she was expecting her second son. Since her job as a Richmond security guard involved working with the public, Shannon felt it would be a risk to her unborn child to potentially expose her baby to Covid. So she quit working until after her baby was born.

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This meant she lost out on six months' worth of wages and now she is struggling to pay off bills. When you lose that kind of income, it's a struggle to pay off any bill-especially the utility bill. Shannon was more than four months behind on it.

So when a local news station became aware that Shannon was in need of help, they couldn't wait to step in to help shoulder the burdens this mom was carrying.

Act Of Kindness For Richmond Security Guard

The reporter then went to Shannon's place of work to surprise her!

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She said, "I know I had asked if this is where I came to pay my utility bill, but the thing is, I’m not here to pay my utility bill. I’m here to help pay your utility bill."

And even though Shannon is wearing a mask because she is at work, the look in Shannon's eyes says it all. You have to watch the video below to witness her reaction! The Richmond security guard is relieved, grateful, and shocked. She thanked the reporter as tears spilled down her face.

Now that she didn't have the utility bill looming over her head, Shannon is relieved that she can now pay off other bills.

Isn't it incredible how one small act of kindness can create a ripple effect in another person's life?

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“Carry each other's burdens and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

WATCH: Richmond Security Guard Struggling To Pay Her Bills Blessed By Stranger’s Act Of Kindness

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