Security Guard Discovers ‘Stray’ Cat Missing for 2 Years and Helps Return Her

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Lost items can turn up in the unlikeliest of places. Looks like animals can too. In the UK, a security guard discovers a ‘stray' cat missing for two years and helps return her.

At five years of age, and completely black in color (minus the greenish-yellow eyes,) Ruby, went missing two years ago from her home in Bedfordshire, England. She ran away and was declared missing ever since.

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Ruby's home was situated near a frequently used truck stop. This reality made her owner think Ruby had somehow stowed away on a truck.

Whatever the case, owner Jordan would later discover Ruby was found about 60-miles away from her home.

That place was Coventry, England. Here a security guard was feeding the seemingly stray cat for three weeks and eventually decided to have someone from a cat welfare charity called Cats Protection take a look at her. A volunteer from the organization checked the cat's microchip and discovered where she was from. She was indeed not a stray.

Security Guard Finds Lost Cat And Tries To Reunite Her With Owner

Wendy Harris, a volunteer from the organization shared they were not initially able to make contact with the owner because they had no phone number. So she tried a different approach.

"I sent an email to the listed email address asking the owner to contact me…We also advertised her on our lost and found Facebook page. After a couple of days, I sent a letter to the postal address."

"Her owner rang me as a result of the letter and at first thought it was a hoax, as she had been missing since April 2018…He said he would drive straight here," she said.

Once Ruby laid eyes on her owner, they picked up right where they left off.

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Jordan stated, "No words can describe the happiness I'm feeling right now. I had little hope of finding her after nearly three years, but now she's home safe and sound."

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Coventry Cats Protection