Dog With A Heart Of Gold Can Be Seen Bringing Food To Feed A Stray Cat

feed a stray cat

One woman in China caught a heartwarming moment on camera when a dog went out of its way to feed a stray cat.

The pet dog's name is Pudding, and in the video, you can see him bringing a pork bun to a small ginger stray cat in a courtyard. How sweet of him to try to feed his hungry feline friend!

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"I was working downstairs and the dog was barking towards the corner of the wall at the courtyard," said Ms. Fu, Pudding's owner. "I thought the dog would try to catch the cat or fight with it when it takes a bite of the bun. I had no idea that what I soon captured on camera was really happening."

It is sweet to see Pudding's tail wagging in the video like he is excited for the stray cat to pick up the food and enjoy it. The cat at first has its guard up, but that doesn't discourage Pudding from patiently waiting nearby.

Caring Dog Looks Out For Hungry Stray Cat

The hungry cat eventually moves toward the pork bun and takes a bite of it before quickly running up the stairs of the courtyard with the yummy treat. I'm sure the stray cat was very thankful for Pudding's act of kindness!

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How cute to see animals looking out for one another! And what a great reminder to us all to look out for those in need. You may never know how much your simple act of kindness could mean to someone!

WATCH: Pet Dog Feeds A Stray Cat A Pork Bun

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h/t: Daily Mail