Workers Discover A Tiny Kitten On An Airport Ramp And Whisk It To Safety

airport ramp

A stray kitten rescued from the airport ramp gets adopted by a safety officer. Talk about a happy ending for everyone!

This story has the purr-fect ending for one tiny kitten named Bo, after he was rescued at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport.

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Some homeless pets are adopted quickly. Others wait a long time for their new forever homes. And some don't live to make it to a forever home because they wander into dangerous environments and sometimes they're abandoned there. And for this kitten, being found wandering around the tarmac could've had a not so happy ending.

Adorable Kitten Rescued By Airport Worker

But thankfully, we're celebrating that Bo was rescued! In fact, this sweet story is going viral because Bo was adopted by someone who worked right there in the airport. It's not often that stories about stray cats have such a happy ending.

On the airport's Twitter page, they shared a picture of a tiny white kitten with patches of gray. He was found wandering around on the terminal ramp and it's a mystery how he got there. He was alone with no mother or siblings anywhere to be found.

But, his sweet little face tugged on the heartstrings of employees. They cared for the kitten overnight after cleaning it up, giving it a warm place to stay, and of course some food. What more could an orphaned kitten ask for? But his future was still up in the air. It wasn't safe for him to live at the airport.

Stray Kitten Rescued From Airport Ramp Gets Adopted

That's when Wes England felt a tug at his heart and had compassion for the little guy. Wes went home that evening to talk to his family about bringing the kitten into their family. His wife, Katrina, and their two children: Hailey, 14 and Gage, 4 - have been big fans of their new furry friend after welcoming the kitten into their home. As most animal lovers know, cats are great additions to families because of their vitality and playfulness!

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When it came to naming him, his family stuck with the name the airport employees gave him. In fact, he was named "Boeing" and nicknamed as "Bo" after the Boeing airplanes that frequent the airport. What a blessing it was that he found his fur-ever home with a family that adores him. Doesn't it make you want to go out and find a kitten of your own?

WATCH: Stray Kitten Rescued from Airport Ramp Gets Adopted by Safety Officer

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