Mail Carrier’s Hilarious Video of A ‘Guard Cat’ On Her Route Goes Viral

guard cat

Delivering mail is not always easy. Traffic, disgruntled people, and animals can all pose obstacles to getting mailed delivered on time. One of those animal encounters has the internet cracking up as one mail carrier's hilarious video of a ‘guard cat' on her route went viral.

Meet Debra Anderson, a postwoman in Ontario, Canada. She's definitely developed a relationship with her job, and with one particular cat.

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On her route, every single day, there is a certain territorial kitty that does not like Debra. Not one bit. If not for the window dividing them, the cat would be all claws and teeth, attacking her.

Still, Debra can't help but laugh every time she brings mail to this home, knowing that as soon as the mailbox closes, the cat will spring into action.

‘Guard Cat’ Tries To Attack Mail Carrier

"It's okay," Debra says in between laughs, as she films herself delivering mail, then watching the cat through the window. The cat jumps at the window repeatedly.

Debra touches the glass with her finger, pointing at the cat, trying to be friendly. The cat has other plans, clawing at that glass and clearly hissing. Debra may have wanted a friend, but this cat has only deemed her an enemy.

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Debra was so humored by the experience she made more than one video. Every time she tries to talk to the cat, the cat seemingly responds with aggression. That's okay, the cat's aggression has turned into an online sensation of humor for Debra and for others.

"That cat's nuts man. I love it though."

And the people who have watched her videos do, too!

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