God Blessed the Derrico Family with 14 Kids, Including Quintuplets, Triplets, & 2 Sets of Twins

derrico family has 14 kids

Kids, kids, and more kids. And if that wasn't enough, add a few more! The Derrico family has 14 kids, including quintuplets, triplets, and two sets of twins.

Some parents struggle with three kids, two, even one. Imagine the Derricos, parents of more children than most ever dream of having.

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The TLC cable network has spotlighted Karen and Deon Derrico and their cast of children. The family appears on the reality TV show Doubling Down With the Derricos.

Karen and Deon were interviewed with Fox News where they opened up about their family life.

"We had many challenges that we were faced with having the multiples, having the quintuplets, things that we didn’t know. We didn’t have someone readily available to assist us, we had to do this trial and error," Deon shared.

Derrico Family Has 14 Kids With Lots Of Multiples

He explained that giving viewers insight into his family may in some way offer insight to someone else raising children.

"We look forward to helping others. We understand our purpose was to come here and help, because she and I always have helped people. Never imagined helping people on this large of a scale, but... it betters our souls if you will."

When asked about their plans for having a specific number of children, Karen gave an interesting answer.

"It was actually not a number, per se, that we had. It wasn’t like a set, like, ‘We’re going to have only 14 children.' It was nothing like that. He asked me and I was like, ‘I just wanted as many children as God blessed me to have,' and that left it open. So here we are now. We’re thankful and grateful there’s 14."

Of course the Derricos have not been free of their share of heartaches. Aside from the difficulties of child rearing, one of their triplets, Carter, died shortly after being born. Carter left behind Diez and Dior.

Derrico Family Has 14 Kids And Feels So Blessed

“These two little precious jewels are the last two born of the #DERRICO crew!! Triplins are what we call them, because they were born #Triplet boys, but one of them went to Jesus.”

“Faith is also our core value,” Deon said. “That’s who we are... It’s constantly shown in our deliverance and the way we do things naturally. We want to help others. This is just a blessing to be able to give the kind of help that we give and move our family. We want to help other families do the same with their households.”

Faith has been keeping the Derrico family going through the highs and lows of life. God has truly blessed this family with all of their kids, and now this family is able to use television to bless others.

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Everyone may not aspire to have 14 kids, but parents want to be good stewards for their children. They highlight an enduring love that parents hold for their children. This love is identical to the love God has for all of His children. After all, He is the best parent, always by our side, always caring, and ever forgiving.

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