5-Year-Old Gets Mom to Run Through the Parking Lot in a Downpour and There’s a Valuable Lesson

run through the parking lot mama dickinson

A mom and her 5-year-old daughter had two choices: either run through the parking lot in the pouring rain or wait inside of Target for the storm to pass. And as they darted through the downpour headed for the car, something powerful hit this wise mom!

Mommy-blogger Mama Dickinson was about to leave Target with her 5-year-old daughter when the skies started pouring. Their car was nowhere near the entrance and most other shoppers were waiting for the bad weather to pass before leaving.

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“Do we wait or just get wet,” this mama asked her daughter.

“Let’s just get wet,” her daughter answered.

Mama Dickinson warned her child of the discomfort they would face if they chose to run through the parking lot. They would be wet and cold by the time they hopped in the car. But non of this deterred the 5-year-old.

“Let’s go!” she exclaimed.

And so, they went for it.

After racing through the downpour, Mama Dickinson expected her little one to complain about being wet and cold. But when she turned around to check on her daughter in the backseat, she was surprised to find a huge smile on the girl’s face.

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“We did this,” she said. “You did this. We got wet. Now, we can go home.”

And that’s when the significance of the run through the parking lot hit the mommy-blogger.

Inspiring Lesson From Run Through The Parking Lot

Mama Dickinson realized so often we try to wait out the storms in life. Comfort becomes our primary concern rather than getting where God has called us to go.

“When we avoid walking through life’s challenges, we miss out on all God has for us,” she said. “When we hesitate to step out on faith, we wind up perpetually standing still.”

It was her daughter’s childlike faith that inspired this mom to dash out into the storm and run through the parking lot in the pouring rain.

“My daughter wasn’t hesitant to go out into the rain today,” Mama Dickison wrote. “She embraced the inconvenience as part of the day’s journey. She was willing to take on a challenge to get where she wanted to go.

Sometimes in life, you have to get wet.”

I don’t know about you, but I certainly needed this reminder today. I know I am definitely guilty of making my comfort zone far too high of a priority.

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May we all approach the day like this sweet 5-year-old — ready to face life’s challenges head-on, resting in the comfort that our Heavenly Father has a rainbow waiting for us on the other side of the storm!

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