A Mom Is Warning Others Of The Potential Danger Of Scented Candles

A Warning About Scented Candles

Megan Budden thought it was rather odd when she noticed black spots in her nose. But she really started to worry when she saw the same black dots inside of her infant son’s nose. It turns out the mysterious specks were caused by a common household item. And now, she’s warning everyone she knows about this danger!

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It turns out that the black spots Megan had discovered were soot, and they were caused by the scented candles she had burning inside her apartment. She’d left the candles burning most of the day, and after noticing the black buildup inside hers and her son’s nose, she took a closer look at the candle’s label. There, in fine print, was the warning that the candles were not to be burned for more than 3 hours.

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To help cut down on the amount of soot being released in the air, experts recommend trimming the wick frequently and avoiding burning for long periods of time. And if you see soot accumulating on the candle itself, put the flame out immediately.

Thankfully, Megan and her baby boy are just fine. But considering how common scented candles are, Megan’s story is an important one for everyone to hear. Especially because soot is just part of the danger that exists.

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Another danger with scented candles is an organic compound called limonene that many use. Limonene is used to add the citrus aroma to many candles. Even lemon scented candles most often use limonene versus a natural lemon scent.

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By itself, limonene is perfectly harmless. But when it is released into the air, it reacts with the ozone and turns into formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is toxic and has been linked to cancer for quite some time.

So, if you’re not ready to give up scented candles entirely, it’s suggested that you make sure to open doors and windows after use. Or, you could try making your own candles using essential oils.

Find instructions for a DIY no wax candle here.

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And if you’d prefer not to burn anything, there’s always DIY oil diffusers that use essential oils.

Find instructions for a DIY oil diffuser here.

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