Security Cameras Reveal Who Trashed School’s Pumpkin Patch And It’s An ‘Udder’ Shame

school pumpkin patch herd of cows

When a herd of cows destroyed the school pumpkin patch at Edneyville Elementary School, it was one of those things you had to see to believe!

As Fall weather arrived in Hendersonville, North Carolina, local business, The Nix Pumpkin Patch, kindly blessed Edneyville Elementary School by decorating the main entrance.

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It was such a sweet thing to do. And it brought so much joy to the staff and students.

But less than two weeks later, the school found the beautiful display vandalized.

Thankfully, the building has hidden cameras for security purposes. So finding the culprit would be easy. But after reviewing the footage, officials at Edneyville Elementary School in North Carolina came to realize fact can sometimes be stranger than fiction!

Herd Of Cows To Blame For Ruining School Pumpkin Patch

Finding the fall harvest display trampled was disappointing, indeed. But discovering the culprits was an “udder” shock!

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Footage from the security cameras revealed a herd of cows did the vandalizing. The 11 “hooved hoodlums” unwittingly trampled the school’s pumpkin patch as they moooooved on through the property.

Thankfully, nearly all of the damage to the school pumpkin patch was repairable. And seeing as the herd of cows had no ill-will, the school had a good laugh about it.

“At first we were shocked,” explained Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Horne. “But then we found it hilarious as soon as we found out it wasn’t a person!”

Folks who saw the school’s post on Facebook had a good chuckle over the incident, too.

“My law firm will represent them for free. EAT MOR CHIKIN,” wrote one man, making reference to the popular Chick-Fil-A slogan.

“These cows today…,” lamented another person.

“Cowmaggdon. Another 2020 anomaly,” wrote someone else.

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What a great reminder to look for joy no matter what the day brings!

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Featured Image: Facebook/Edneyville Elementary School