Cameras Witness A True Miracle As A Stranger Shows Up With The $800 A Grandma Lost

search for lost money for grandma

Camera crews were there to interview Marcia Bukowski about her search for lost money after the grandma accidentally dropped $800 in a locked mail bin. But a knock on the door led to a miracle no one saw coming!

Positive news stories usually get reported after the fact. But in this instance, the cameras were in place and rolling right as a miracle took place in a grandma’s search for lost money!

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The trouble began when Marcia Bukowski of Depew, New York mistakenly dropped the wrong envelope into a mail drop-off bin.

The grandma was planning to take an envelope containing $800 in cash to the bank. There, she would deposit the money so she could pay her mortgage. But as she was in the process of mailing out a stack of Christmas cards, she accidentally dropped the money envelope in the mail bin, too.

Marcia felt sick to her stomach the moment she realized her mistake. Times have been especially tough, and there was no way she could pay her bills without the $800.

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And so, she did everything she possibly could to search for the lost money.

Marcia dropped a note in the Postal box explaining the situation. She even waited by the bin as long as she could, hoping to intercept the postal worker coming to collect the mail. Finally, she called the USPS and explained her dilemma.

Sadly, however, the representative explained there wasn’t much they could do. The envelope would most likely go to a pile of undeliverable mail at the Buffalo processing plant.

“They have three thousand non-mail related items that they have to go through,” the supervisor explained to the distraught Marcia Bukowski.

Cameras Catch A Miracle

There didn’t seem to be much hope in the search for the lost money. It would likely take a long time for the money to be returned — if anyone returned it at all.

“I just have to hope that someone out there is honest enough, like me, that they’ll be able to get that money back to me,” Marcia said.

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A local news station sought to help the grandma in her search for the lost money. In fact, several viewers even offered to donate money to help replace the lost $800. But when the news station showed up at Marcia’s house, something miraculous took place!

As the cameras rolled and the reporter prepared to interview Marcia Bukowski, there was a knock at the door. And Marcia’s shouts of joy sent the camera crew running to see what had happened.

A postal worker Marcia had never seen before showed up at her doorstep with the envelope. And inside was all $800. The search for the lost money was over!

“I’ve never seen that postal lady,” Marcia told the cameras. “You know what, a Christmas miracle did happen. Honest to God it did. This is a true miracle.”

Some might think the timing of the returned money is a coincidence. But like Marcia, we know better. God’s Hand was all over this search for lost money!

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“For nothing is hidden, that will not be revealed; nor anything secret, that will not be known and come to light.” Luke 8:17

WATCH: Cameras Roll As Search For Lost Money Ends With Miracle

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