Shaq Spots Crying Kid At Store And After Schooling Him, Blesses Him With New Shoes

shaq buys shoes

Shaquille O'Neal is known for doing random acts of kindness, and recently, Shaq buys shoes for a crying kid that he met at a store.

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The impact that Shaq has can be seen on and off the court. And he is not just loved by the NBA community, but his community at large. This former basketball player's kindness has touched so many people!

Just to name a few of his kind deed, Shaq has paid for a stranger's wedding ring when they were shopping at Zales and is known to help out people in need that he meets in malls and stores.

"This is something I do every day," Shaq shared. "The other day my wife and I were furniture shopping. And this lady she had this autistic daughter. She was looking to pay for some furniture. I just took care of it."

Shaq Buys Shoes For Crying Kid At Store | Acts Of Kindness

Shaq also helps out his community by spreading holiday magic by giving away toys to children during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Recently, Shaq met a little boy crying in a store. The boy told the athlete that his father was upset with him, and Shaq told him to "go give your dad a hug and tell him you're sorry".

Then Shaq proceeded with buying the kid two pairs of shoes, a coat, and some socks that the father had picked out. Shaq even watched some videos of the little boy playing basketball and gave him some compliments and encouragement about his game.

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What an incredible act of kindness that left such a lasting impact on that young boy and his dad. God bless Shaq and the way that he uses his blessings to bless those around him!

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