These Soldiers Are Adopting the Dogs They Fell In Love With While On Deployment

soldiers adopting dogs

Four soldiers are adopting the dogs they fell in love with while deployed overseas. Their reunion is adorable and heartwarming.

When the soldiers were deployed overseas to the Middle East, they found a litter of puppies born in a bunker. These sweet pups comforted the soldiers in the war zone. The soldiers were able to take care of the dogs and fell in love with them.

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Paws of War Brought the Dogs to the US

“My mind was just all over the place, you know,” Specialist Naraly Garcia says about her time overseas. “Us trying to survive and focus on our job and trying to get the mission done.”

Specialist Garcia fell in love with one of the pups and named him Hades. “He was the fluffiest little potato that you have ever seen,” she said.

As their time in the Middle East ended, they contacted the organization Paws of War. This organization, which started in 2014, has brought more than 100 dogs and cats rescued by our troops serving overseas to safety in the United States.

It took them three tries to rescue the dogs from the hostile war zone, but they finally succeeded. The organization fed the dogs, vaccinated them, and worked on travel plans to return them to the US. After that, it was time to reunite the dogs with the soldiers adopting them, which they did in New York.

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Four Soldiers Were Reunited With the Pups

Specialist Naraly Garcia and three other soldiers, Specialist Michael Branch, Specialist Kai Garnette, and Sergeant Ryan Kissoon, were reunited with five of the seven dogs. King, Hades, Shilo, Socks, and Milo met back up with the soldiers in a beautiful reunion.

"Hey baby, great reunion, you remember me," Specialist Branch gushed.

"It's like memory being out over there, having him back," Specialist Garnette comments. "I can tell this is great emotional support for me."

"Hopefully, he likes his new surroundings," Specialist Garcia said. "He'll be taken well taken care of.”

The Dogs Are Headed To Their Forever Homes

Milo and Shilo reunited with Sergeant Kissoon, who says that the dogs brought him “a sense of relief, of friendship, of love.”

The other two dogs will go to soldiers in another part of the US.

It’s heartwarming to know that the dogs will now be headed to their forever homes with the soldiers who loved them so much.

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Watch: The Soldiers Who Adopted The Dogs They Met On Deployment

“The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying, Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn you.” – Jeremiah 31:3

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