There Was 1 Family Portrait Dad Always Hated So His Son ‘Fixed’ It The Most Hilarious Way

son photoshops family portrait

One son photoshops a family portrait for his dad, and it has his family cracking up at the hilarious results.

Kyle Scheele is a motivational speaker and author. He recently shared on a TikTok video about a hilarious Christmas gift he got his father in 2020.

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There is a particular family photo that is hung in Kyle's house that his dad has never liked. For 30 years, the picture has hung on the wall, and Kyle's dad always wished he looked different in the photo.

"My dad hates this picture so much because for no discernible reason the photographer only made my dad tilt his head," Kyle shared. "My dad didn't know that until after the picture was already developed."

So, Kyle came up with a great gift idea. He wanted to use photoshop to change his dad's appearance in the photo and make it look better for him.

Son Photoshops Family Portrait As Best Gift Ever For Dad

With the editing tool, Kyle changed the photo so that his father's head was straight. But he also wanted to add some humor to the photo, so he decided to edit all the other family members' heads so that they would be titled! And the results are hilarious!

Kyle got the funny photo printed and framed and gave it to his father for a Christmas gift. When his mom and dad saw the new photo, they could not help but crack up! His mother was even in tears from laughing so hard!

Kyle made a video to share the story about this photo on TikTok and it received over 62.9 million views. And many other people online thought that the photo that he gifted to his dad was hilarious as well.

"I literally cried laughing, too," one person wrote in response to seeing the TikTok video.

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What a funny gift that fueled a laughing-filled Christmas moment! This is a Christmas present that Kyle's dad will never forget!

WATCH: Son Photoshops Family Portrait As A Gift To His Dad


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