Sanitation Workers Hear Sound Of Kitten Meowing And Stop Trash Compactor Just In Time

sound of kitten meowing stops trash compactor

This little fluff ball's life almost ended, but luckily, the sanitation workers heard the sound of kitten meowing before tragedy struck!

While working their routine garbage routes in Queens, NY, John Kase and William Montero became heroes. I'm sure they're used to finding odd things in the trash from time to time, but this is probably the cutest and saddest find yet.

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The two men were loading a pile of black bags into their garbage truck when they both heard a faint meow. Hoping the sound came from a toy, they picked up some more bags from the pile only to hear the desperate cries again.

John and William opened a tied garbage bag to find a sweet baby Tabby.

John explained the animal’s fate had the sound of the kitten meowing he not led to the discovery.

"The cat definitely would have died. As the truck cycles through, there is a piston on the hopper that's 2,200 PSI. I've broken bowling balls in the back."

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But their heroic efforts didn't stop after finding the kitten. They continued to search through nearby bags to make sure the little guy was a lone rider. Thankfully, no other kittens were found in that same horrible situation.

Happy Ending For Hopper

The tiny Tabby was given the name ‘Hopper' by the two workers, after the compactor machine.

The little rascal was apparently sick of being in small dark places and found his way out of the cardboard box that they had placed him in. It turned out that all he wanted was some love! Hopper stayed calm once he was safely in John's arms!

The sanitation workers' supervisor took Hopper to Noah's Ark Animal Rescue where the founder, Denise Hock, then took the kitten to a nearby vet.

Hopper had a mild eye infection and respiratory infection but is expected to recover. I'm sure it won't take long for the little cutie to get adopted since his story has made it across the internet!

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Thank God that John and William heard the sound of the little kitten meowing!

WATCH: Sanitation Workers Hear Sound Of Kitten Meowing And Stop Trash Compactor Just In Time

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h/t: 6 ABC, New York Daily News, & ABC 7 Chicago

Featured Image Credit: ABC 7 Chicago