He Started Out a Nonbeliever but Here’s How the Show Led 1 of the Stars of the Chosen to Christ

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Nick Shakoour, one of the stars of The Chosen, wasn’t a believer when he accepted the role of Zebedee on the popular show. But as he found himself surrounded by Christians and immersed in the story of Jesus, something amazing happened. He experienced the Holy Spirit! And now, he can’t help but share his amazing testimony!

The Chosen is a series about the life and ministry of Jesus when he walked the earth as a man. The crowdfunded project by Angel Studios has been wildly successful. And the show’s creators do a wonderful job of bringing people mentioned in Scripture to life on screen in a very real and relatable way.

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While the show is all about the Gospel, the show’s creator and director Dallas Jenkins focused on hiring the best person for each position. Therefore, the cast and crew are a mix of Christians and non-Christians alike.

Though raised in a Christian environment, Nick Shakoour — one of the stars of The Chosen — had never personally accepted Jesus. Taking on the role of Zebedee (the father of James and John) was just another acting job.

Nick Shakoour Talks About His Role As Zebedee

However, little did Nick realize this role would do more than put another acting credit on his resume. It would forever change his life!

One Of The Stars Of The Chosen Experiences The Holy Spirit

Though not a believer himself, Nick found himself surrounded by other believers, all while hearing the Good News through the script itself. And before long, he began to find himself influenced by “behind-the-scenes people who are Believers” and by “their friends and in running in their circles and starting to seek out God through them.”

Then came the moment that completely changed Nick Shakoour’s life. The moment he experienced the Holy Spirit for the very first time!

“It all accumulated to last September, where I was invited to a church conference where the next thing I knew a bunch of people surrounded me ... and laid their hands over me and started praying,” Nick recalled when speaking with Christian Headlines. “And I was able to experience what it was like to experience the Holy Spirit going from outside to in and it set my body into flames.”

This incredible moment brought Nick to Jesus and changed The Chosen star’s heart forever.

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“I literally felt like I was given a brand new body – brand new everything,” he said. And he went on to explain that the experience transformed his life. “It’s been a major change.”

Becoming one of the stars of The Chosen now has nothing to do with fame or worldly success. It’s given Nick Shakoour a relationship with Jesus and a testimony to inspire and encourage others.

“My mind is blown by what’s happened,” he said. “So the show’s been a blessing and I’ve loved acting in it. But it’s definitely been the conduit that I can’t help but talk about.”

Christian Celebrity’s Testimony Is An Answered Prayer

What a blessing to have found Jesus while working on this amazing show. But Nick Shakoour’s story is more than just an incredible testimony. It’s also a testament to the power of prayer!

Nick later discovered that a lead construction worker for The Chosen had prayed the show would help at least one of the nonbelieving actors convert.

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“He said, ‘We got together as a construction crew, and we prayed for one of the actors to receive the Holy Spirit, and [that the actor] would become the seed that would spread the gospel,'” Nick explained.

In fact, when building the set the same lead construction worker and crew wrote Bible verses on the walls before painting them. And one of the very first verses penned was that of Zebedee!

So, for the actor playing Zebedee to be the one to convert just goes to show God’s hand is all over this! And we know he’s not anywhere near finished doing amazing things.

“It’s been one mind-blowing thing after the next with what’s been happening in and outside of the show,” Nick Shakoour said.

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In a time where Jesus is desperately needed, it’s amazing to see stars of The Chosen spreading the Good News both on and off the screen!

“Iron makes iron sharp; so a man makes sharp his friend.” Proverbs 27:17

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