Steve Harvey Was Living In His Car With $35 To His Name Ready To Give Up When God Spoke To Him

steve harvey telling his story

Steve Harvey telling his story will inspire you never to give up and that God is never late; he's always on time.

If you're wondering how God will provide a way in your life, then you will want to watch this incredible moment when God began to open doors one step, one moment at a time.

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Steve Harvey was living in his car with $35 to his name, ready to give up when God spoke to him.

Steve Harvey Telling His Story Of His Apollo Big Break

Back in 1991, Steve was homeless, but he had a dream. He wanted to get into show business. He knew beyond the shadow of a doubt God was calling him to entertainment.

Steve Harvey possessed the gift of making people laugh. After months of living in his car, he was ready to give up. He had come to the end of his rope when God stepped in. On a Facebook page called ‘Motivated,' Steve Harvey tells his story and remembers praying, "Come on, God. I've been trying to make this dream come true, and you left me out here like this."

He said God responded and told him, "If you get up, I'm going to take you places you ain't never been." God then set Steve on a journey and deep lesson in faith. Steve rang home to check his answering machine when he learned he was offered a spot on the Apollo Show in New York.

Instantly he was crushed because he had no way to make it from Florida to New York with a mere $35 in his pocket. He was absolutely crushed. As Steve Harvey was about to call back to say he couldn't make it, he noticed there was another message. So he checked that one too. He was stunned to learn God was literally providing a way to get to New York with a $150 comedy gig.

Trusting In God’s Timing

Steve Harvey decided in that dark moment to trust God one step at a time. Even though he didn't know how it was going to work out, he gave his dreams, burdens, and worries to God.

That night, he did so well the comedy club invited him back for another show and paid him another $150. Now he had the means to make it to New York. He was able to book a flight for $99.

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Isn't that incredible? Just when you think you're backed in a corner and there’s no way out, God pours out his blessings and multiples them.

When Steve made it to New York, he became an overnight sensation. God opened doors, provided a way, and fulfilled the dreams Steve had. It was the beginning of his career as a host on television and as a comedian.

Steve Harvey shares his story, saying this was his "comeback moment." He said, "Everybody has a turnback moment. It’s the moment you can either go forward or give everything up. There’s one guarantee if you give up it will never happen. Faith is everything. God is always on time, He’s never too late."

God is always coming, he is never too late, and he is always on time. Faith is absolutely everything.

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“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen,” Hebrews 11:1.

WATCH: Steve Harvey Telling His Story Of How God Made His Dreams Come True

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