Man Gets An Early Birthday Present From His Roommate And Instantly Bursts Into Tears

early birthday present kitten surprise

An early birthday present from his roommate left Peter Goicouria sobbing tears of joy. And his reaction to the surprise kitten absolutely made my day!

Peter Goicouria loves cats. His friends and family all know this about him. And they also knew he longed to adopt a tiny black kitten one day.

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So, when Peter’s roommate came across a litter of black kittens in need of homes, he just knew one of the tiny creatures would make the perfect early birthday present!

Kitten Surprise Has Man In Tears

Peter’s roommate comes walking in, announcing he has an early birthday present for him. And you can hear the tiny mews coming from the surprise kitten in his arms.

Peter’s face shows him going from curious, to shocked and then completely overcome by emotion. It’s a beautiful moment to watch.

After wishing for a black kitten for so long, he describes the moment as “overwhelming and genuine.” And as tears of joy roll down Peter’s face, you can tell this is probably the best early birthday present he’s ever received!

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Peter ended up naming his little sweetie Monday. And his fur-baby isn’t alone. Peter’s roommate couldn’t resist bringing home one of her siblings for him!

“And I got another one for me too,” he says in the video.

Because after all, just like the Internet meme says, cats are like potato chips. You can’t have just one!

What a wonderful early birthday present. And what a blessing this precious kitten and her sibling have a loving forever home!

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WATCH: Roommate’s Early Birthday Present Has Man In Tears

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