Kids Start Cheering During Classroom Story Time As Teacher Is Surprised with Marriage Proposal

teacher marriage proposal rachel and austin

A surprise teacher marriage proposal had a whole classroom of kids cheering as their story time turned into a real-life fairy tale!

Marriage is a beautiful, life-long commitment between two people to love and cherish one another for as long as the Lord permits them to remain on earth. But as everyone knows, the wedding ceremony and that commitment of love and devotion are all set in motion by one simple but monumental question.

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How one proposes marriage to the love of their life is a big step in a relationship. It's a moment that can often include months of meticulous planning. In a clip posted on YouTube, one couple explained to Kelly Clarkson how their sweet and unique marriage proposal came about, which included a classroom of children.

Surprise Teacher Marriage Proposal

Rachel Leibold is an elementary school teacher in Indiana. To help grow her students’ love and interest in reading, Rachel invites "mystery readers" to come to her classroom and read to her students. It just so happened that this week's mystery reader was Rachel's boyfriend, Austin.

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The students and Rachel had no idea how the book would end, but it was the best possible ending imaginable!

"Now, there is something still missing. Yes, just one thing – a beautiful, radiant-cut diamond ring," Austin reads in the clip. "And so, Rachel, here I am, getting down on one knee. With all the love in my heart, will you marry me?"

This surprise teacher marriage proposal is a moment that neither of them will ever forget.

Austin's proposal did not exactly match Rachel's request, she told Kelly. Rachel added that she was unsure if she or the kids were more surprised by Austin's move.

"Yeah, the kids were squealing," she said. "It's hard to say because I had told Austin that I wanted a private proposal, just me and him. So, the entire time, I think they picked up on it way before me."

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Genesis 2:24 "For this cause will a man go away from his father and his mother and be joined to his wife; and they will be one flesh."

WATCH: Teacher Recalls Amazing Story Time Marriage Proposal

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