Actor Tim Allen Opens Up About Overcoming Tragedy And Addiction

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Tim Allen, the critically acclaimed actor that is loved by many, has had his ups and downs throughout his life and career. In a recent interview, the Hollywood star opens up about the tragedies and triumphs that led him to his success today.

Over the years, Tim has been one of America’s favorite dads on television! He started as Tim ‘The Tool-man' Taylor and now plays Mike Baxter on the hit show ‘Last Man Standing.' But Tim’s life didn’t start out full of glitz and glamour.

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The Hollywood actor was just 11 years old when his father was tragically killed by a drunk driver. That was a turning point in Tim's life. The loss led him to turn to drugs to try and ease the pain.

That addiction eventually led him to prison. His time behind bars convinced Tim that he needed to change his ways and start leading a better life.

Tim Allen Overcomes His Alcohol Addiction

He pursued a career in comedy, including standup. This led to the starring role in Home Improvement. During the height of his success, Tim still wrestled with alcohol addiction. Another run-in with the law urged Tim to kick the habit for good.

Now, he has been sober for more than 20 years. For the past seven years, Tim has portrayed conservative father and husband, Mike Baxter on ‘Last Man Standing.' In an age where being conservative in Hollywood is frowned upon, Tim has found his niche. He's also looking forward to the upcoming release of Toy Story 4, in which he voices animated toy Buzz Lightyear.

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The road to success was not easy for Tim Allen, but he's sharing his struggles in hopes that his story may resonate with someone else.

WATCH: “Toy Story 4” Star Tim Allen On Comedy And Tragedy

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