This Toddler ‘Arguing’ With Mom Is Absolutely Adorable In Any Language

toddler arguing with mom

This video of a toddler ‘arguing’ with her mom will make you giggle and it's absolutely adorable in any language. Even though this video is in Spanish, it needs absolutely no translation. Moms everywhere know exactly what is about to go down.

It's a tale as old as time. All moms around the world want toddlers to eat healthy, nutritious foods. And the toddler argues with moms that those healthy foods really aren't necessary!

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It's time for lunch in Argentina for little Angelina. Her mom created a simple, yet highly nutritious meal for her daughter. But this sweet little toddler isn't having it despite her loving mama cutting up all kinds of fruits and veggies for Angelina to sample.

Toddler Argues With Mom About Food

As the mother explains to her daughter why she needs to eat nutritious food, Angelina emphatically tells her no. The toddler is arguing with her mom as if to say, "Aren't you adorable thinking I would eat those peas but in case I didn't convince you the first time I said, no, here's another no thank you!"

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Mom continues to list all the good things like potatoes, yogurt, and bananas, Angelina just listens and waits for her turn to tell her mom with a shrug of her shoulders and a "what can you do" gesture with her hands. It seems as if that's the end of the conversation until Angelina spots the camera and hams it up.

She smiles and starts talking to her mom as if to say, "Oh! So now we need to document this moment, eh? Let's document how well I can clearly communicate the word, ‘no.'" The exchange between the pair results in one of the most adorable videos has moms groaning over the truth and giggling at the same time. Clearly the struggle is real, said every mom ever!

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“Her children rise up and call her blessed;" Proverbs 31:28

WATCH: Toddler ‘Arguing’ With Mom

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