Baby Monitor Caught Toddler Talking To Alexa And His Funny Request Had Mom Cracking Up

toddler talking to alexa

One adorable toddler talking to Alexa, the Amazon virtual assistant, asks the cutest request when he wakes up in the middle of the night. And it has his mother cracking up!

Looking at her baby monitor one night, a mother notices that her son is talking to Alexa when he had woken up. “Alexa, I need daddy,” says the young child.

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That's when the virtual assistant says, “What should I add?” The little boy says "daddy" and Alexa complies. "I’ve added daddy to your shopping list, is there anything else?” she hilariously responds.

“Uh… no” says the boy, sounding just a little disappointed. The mom caught this funny exchange over the baby monitor and just couldn't help but giggle at what had just happened. She said that she uses Alexa in her son's room to play lullabies at night as he falls asleep. But I bet she would have never guessed that Alexa would be able to add "daddy" to her online shopping cart just for her son!

Toddler Talking to Alexa When He Couldn’t Sleep Caught on Baby Monitor

After witnessing the sweet moment, the mom shared the video on TikTok where it gained over 3.6 million views. Many people loved the funny interaction between the son and Alexa, and it definitely brought a smile to their faces.

“The little ‘uh.. no’ at the end, bless this cute little child! Hope daddy was delivered ASAP!” comments one person after seeing the video on TikTok.

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We hope you enjoyed this cute little video clip and it was able to bring you some joy today!

WATCH: Cute Toddler Talking To Alexa


Alexa, I need daddy

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