A Group Of Seniors Are Rocking It In A Drumstick Exercise Class And It Has Them Going Viral

drumstick exercise class retirement home

A drumstick exercise class at the Green Country Village Senior Living facility went viral after folks saw just how much fun residents were having.

There are a number of fun things to do in senior living facilities, but this one retirement home stepped up their game with an amazing drumstick exercise class.

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Now, they've gone viral. And they deserve every view!

Drumstick Exercise Class With Seniors

Green Country Village Senior Living facility is nestled in the city of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

They posted a video late last month that now has upwards of 40 million views, 55 thousand comments, and over half a million shares. The video is all-around impressive, funny, and simply amazing. Each senior featured in this video appears to be engaged, along with the staff member leading.

Everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves and best of all, they look so professional. Their exercise was not just a drum rhythm, they also used their feet to step to the music. They are very much on key and in sync with one another.

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The gentleman leading the drumstick exercise class speaks loudly and is very engaged. The seniors appear to be channeling that energy.

They engage in this activity for almost 2 minutes in the video. Of course, the video is just a showcase of what they learned, not the hours they put into practicing and rehearsing.

One person said in a comment, "Love this and the song! Just because you're old in years doesn't mean you can't appreciate current music. I don't see anyone who seems to be objecting."

Another shared, "That is awesome! Respect to all our elders. We would be nothing without their experience and guidance."

Seeing the elderly engaged with modern music through this drumstick exercise class is appreciated, along with simply showing people they are still enjoying learning and performing. This video is beyond impressive. If only they could go and start their own band.

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They could even be called the Green Country Village Senior Drummers.

WATCH: Retirement Home Goes Viral With Drumstick Exercise Class

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Green Country Village Senior Living