Tony Evans Family Comes Together, Honors Lois Evans with Deathbed Song: ‘Victory Belongs to Jesus’

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Even during a time of such deep grief, the Tony Evans family continues to inspire with their faith-filled speeches at the funeral for beloved wife and mother, Lois Evans. That includes a powerful story of how Lois responded to the song ‘The Victory Belongs to Jesus’ from her deathbed.

Well-known pastor and Christian author Tony Evans lost his beloved wife of 49 years, Lois Evans, on December 30, 2019.

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After a battle with gallbladder cancer, chemotherapy eventually stopped working. And at the age of 70, surrounded by family, Tony Evans’ wife Lois found her healing in Heaven.

"Just before the sun came up this morning, the love of my life, Lois Irene Evans, transitioned from earth and watched her first sunrise from heaven,” Tony announced on Instagram. “I had the privilege of holding her hand as she was lulled into eternity.”

Lois and Tony Evans had four children together — 2 sons and 2 daughters. And all are using their talents to serve the Lord in some capacity or another.

Daughter Priscilla Shirer is a well-known Christian celebrity, speaker, and author. The couple’s other daughter, Chrystal Hurst, is a worship leader and author. Anthony Jr. is a Christian musical artist and Jonathan is now the chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys after retiring from his career as an NFL football player.

Clearly, Jesus is a central part of the Tony Evans family. And you could see the pride on Tony’s face as his children and grandchildren expressed their faith at the beautiful "Celebration of Life" service held for Lois Evans!

Tony Evans Family Honors Lois Evans

Hundreds gathered together on January 6, 2020, to honor the late Dr. Lois Evans. The four-hour event was filled with love, music, and, of course, faith.

Members from the Tony Evans family took the stage to honor the great matriarch they had lost.

Priscilla Shirer’s son, Jackson, read from Psalm 91, while Chrystal Evans Hurst’s son, Jesse, read from 1st Thessalonians.

Each of the Evans children got up and eulogized their mother in their own special way.

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And in an especially touching story, Tony Evans’ daughter Priscilla Shirer recalled a powerful moment from Lois Evans’ deathbed.

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Lois was in and out of consciousness in her final days. And Priscilla can remember something her mother kept saying not long before her death.

"They're trying to give me an award, but they can't find the right song," Priscilla says Lois remarked.

"She said that over the course of two or three days, intermittently," Priscilla went on to explain. "About a week later, Dad and I were in the room and we started playing worship songs. I picked a random worship song off my playlist, and as it started to play, she opened her eyes and said, ‘That's the song.'"

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The song Lois chose from her deathbed was "The Victory Belongs to Jesus." And after Priscilla shared this incredible story, the whole crowd, along with the Tony Evans family, joined in singing the hymn.

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Once the song finished, Jonathan Evans went on to preach an incredible message about finding victory in Jesus, even during times of grief. He pointed to God’s Word for assurances of this victory.

“God’s word was talking to me and letting me know that in your despair, you still have victory in My name… Even in death, we are alive because we have victory in His name.”

Jonathan Evans also tackled a topic people often struggle with during the loss of a loved one — unanswered prayers.

So many had prayed for Lois Evans’ healing. Yet, Jonathan says God spoke to him about these prayers.

"Just because I didn't answer your prayer your way doesn't mean I didn't answer the prayer anyway," Jonathan preached.

Jonathan went on to point out that every prayer for his mother to be healed, be with family, and get better was answered, only in Heaven. And because of the victory we have in Jesus, we are able to grieve with hope.

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What a beautiful tribute to a strong woman of God! Please continue to lift the Tony Evans family up in your prayers as they navigate this difficult time.

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