105-Year-Old Veteran of WW2 Finds He’s Not Alone As 3,000 Cards Pour In for His Birthday

veteran of ww2 birthday

Ernest Horsfall, a 105-year-old veteran of WW2 finds he's not alone as 3,000 cards pour in for his birthday.

Ask yourself, how often do you receive a handwritten note or greeting card? Not that often, right?

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Now think of the last time you received a card or note and how much it meant to you. It means someone went out of their way to shop for the right card. Then that person added a personal message. The time we take to write something thoughtful shows how much that person cares about us.

So, as folks from all over crafted special messages for a veteran of WW2 turning 105, their thoughtfulness had a huge impact!

Birthday Cards For Veteran Of WW2

Can you imagine how Ernest felt when he received over 3,000 cards from strangers for his birthday?

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"I'm utterly surprised and amazed at the number of greeting cards that came my way," he said. With no surviving relatives, the cards truly touched his heart. The 105-year-old can't believe he's been alive as long as he has. He witnessed the coming and going of five British monarchs and 27 Prime Ministers. He survived WW2 when he served with the Army Ordnance Corps in London.

"There would be swarms of Nazi bombers flying overhead all night, and I knew many people that were injured or worse," he said. "On one occasion, our guard room was hit, and six of my pals were killed, I was just lucky it wasn't my duty that night," he said.

When he finally made it home after the war, the veteran of WW2 started a family and became a private pilot.

Eventually, he walked through the death of his wife of 57 years and even his eldest son dying of old age. Meeting this major milestone birthday, Earnest leaves us all with some sound advice knowing the power of words, "The secret to a long life is to keep living as happy as you can and keep a straight mind," he said.

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Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. Proverbs 16:24

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