Christian Woman Uses ‘Carpool Karaoke with God’ to Explain Why We Praise God with Songs

why we praise God

Ever wonder why we praise God with songs? Christian author and speaker Laura Smith explains how worshipping God through song is not only biblical but has other benefits for us as well!

It's abundantly clear to anyone who has ever heard a piece of music that it is powerful. Lyrics, melodies and soothing tones have the ability to cause people to feel a whole host of emotions. Songs can bring listeners to tears, cause others to experience sadness and anger, and even motivate and empower.

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A clip posted on YouTube explains why God instructs His followers to sing songs of praise, and worship and about the salvation that only He can provide.

Carpool Karaoke With God

Laura Smith, the woman in the video, also points out how each human being was literally created with music "hardwired" into them.

"Medical research has proven that music reduces pain, stress and anxiety and that it also improves our memory," Laura Smith says. "Turns out God hardwired us for music."

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Laura then highlights a command in a passage in Psalms, a book literally made up of songs, in which David instructs Christians to sing out about the Lord and His good works in our lives.

"All music is powerful, but David doesn't instruct us to sing any old song," she says. "He tells us to sing to God, to praise His name, to proclaim His salvation."

Laura also mentions how singing praise music about God can assist us in overcoming many fears, struggles and trials in life.

"When we're struggling, we can use music about Jesus to remind us, to our core, who He is and how He loves us," she said. "When we have doubts, fears, pains or sorrows, we can sing about God's goodness, His faithfulness, His holiness, His power and His love."

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Psalm 96:1-2 "O make a new song to the Lord; let all the earth make melody to the Lord. Make songs to the Lord, blessing his name; give the good news of his salvation day by day."

WATCH: Why We Praise God Through Song

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