Woman Who Suffered Tragic Loss Gets Positive Pregnancy Test Result and Gives God the Glory

positive pregnancy test results lauren bennett

Positive pregnancy test results had Lauren Bennett weeping tears of joy. Not just because of her excitement but also because a tragedy left her wondering if she’d ever be able to have kids at all. And this happy mom didn’t waste any time in praising the Lord for such a sweet blessing!

Miscarriage-it leaves heartbroken women hoping, praying, and dreaming of positive pregnancy test results. It leaves women part of a club they never wanted to join in the first place, the grief club of losing someone they never got to meet.

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Miscarriage also leaves women wondering if they will be able to get pregnant again. But one woman who suffered a tragic loss gets positive pregnancy test results and gives God the glory!

A Difficult Journey

Lauren Bennett has always wanted to be a mom. She's dreamed of motherhood ever since she was a little girl. So when it was time for her and her husband to start a family they were excited and began dreaming of what their little ones would look like. They prayed over their future children.

When Lauren got pregnant, she was overjoyed. Tragically, though, she suffered a miscarriage. It was beyond devastating. As she grieved the loss of what might have been-a bouncing baby boy with his daddy's eyes and her smile — she didn't give up. But she didn't fully have hope either.

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Hoping in the Lord to bless them with another pregnancy was hard for her as each month came and went with the same news, a negative pregnancy test. But God did answer her prayers. One morning, she felt different. She knew something was ‘off' but she recognized she might be pregnant.

So, Lauren took a trip to the store to get a pregnancy test and then set up her phone to document the results. Shock, amazement, and joy filled her as the positive pregnancy test results appeared. She realized God had indeed heard her and answered her prayers. She was pregnant!

But she wasn't just happy, she felt incredibly blessed and loved that God had answered her prayers. In that moment, she gave God all the glory!

Lauren, welcome to the mother ‘hood.' We are praising God with you!

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"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so," Psalms 107:1-2

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