Woman’s Miraculous Recovery After Being Set On Fire In A Fit Of Jealousy

God's Healing Power!

The bible warns us of the dangers of jealousy. You can see its destructive nature in the stories of Cain and Abel, David and Saul and Joseph and his brothers. It consumes a person and clouds their judgement. And sadly, jealousy unchecked can often lead to wicked acts.

It was jealousy that drove Natalie Dimitrovska to do the unthinkably horrific acts that forever changed the life of her victim, Dana Vulin. But God would prove greater than the evil inflicted that fateful day!

Dana was a natural beauty. But unfortunately, that is exactly what drove Natalie to such jealousy. Natalie had married Dana's ex, and the troubled woman had falsely convinced herself that her husband was having an affair with Dana. And so, she concocted a horrifying plan of revenge.

It started with Natalie placing threatening phone calls to Dana. But her jealousy only increased, until one night, under the influence of drugs, Natalie broke into Dana's home to make good on her threats.

Natalie doused the sleeping woman in the chemical, methylated alcohol, and set her on fire. Because of the highly flammable chemical, Dana was instantly covered in flames, becoming what she describes as a "human fireball." Fortunately neighbors came to Dana's rescue and she was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors placed Dana in a medically induced comma. The damage was atrocious. Dana suffered major third degree burns to 64% of her body — from her head to her legs. She was unrecognizable.


Credit: Sunday Night 7 News

But God had blessed this woman with a strong spirit. And she would need it.

She spent over two years in exhaustive and painful rehab. As part of her treatment, Dana was forced to wear a compression mask that she says made her feel like "a nothing and a no one."

But God had His hand on each and every procedure that Dana endured. And then finally, the day came when she was able to take her mask off. . .for good.

With the Lord's blessings, the tireless work of medical professionals and Dana's perseverance, the results of her treatments have astounded everyone. Her incredible recovery in nothing short of a miracle!

Dana has put herself out there throughout the entire ordeal, taking to the catwalk once the mask was removed. Her hope is that it could be an inspiration to others struggling with body image. She says,

"I hope they’ll see strength, power, confidence, self-respect, courage, determination - so I hope they see through the scars and see Dana. Actually, you know what? I hope they see the scars because it’s a part of me now and they see a new Dana. I am who I am and this is it. It’s overwhelming - I’m glad I can start living my life now. In my wildest dreams in the beginning, I didn’t for one second think I could look in the mirror and see the old Dana again."

What an amazing triumph over such evil! Please continue to pray for Dana. While her physical recovery may be complete, the emotional damage will take far longer to overcome. And please pray for the troubled woman who committed such vile acts. Let us pray that she will turn from her wicked ways and find the path to God.

"For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice." James 3:16

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h/t: Medical Daily

Featured Image Credit: Sunday Night 7 News