Man Follows Frantic Cries In Woods And Discovers A Black Bear Cub In Need Of Saving

man rescues bear cub stuck in washington state wilderness

During a hike in Washington State, an author rescued a furry little animal – an American black bear cub – and made a friend in the process.

There are several animals that immediately come to mind when thinking of "cute," "furry" and "cuddly." Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and even hamsters fit neatly into that category. However, there are others when keeping a safe distance is the safest route. For instance, a black bear would be one that most people would rather avoid altogether.

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But for Jonathan Evison, who followed the frantic sounds of a creature crying out in pain, he soon found himself face-to-face with a baby black bear. And after encountering the animal in distress, Jonathan soon had a best friend, according to Inspire More.

The incident began as Johnathan was enjoying a daily stroll in the woods near the Olympic Mountains in Washington in late April. During that initial hike, Jonathan spotted the furry creature by its lonesome near a tree sitting in the mud. Mama Bear was nowhere to be found, according to The Dodo.

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Understanding the inherent danger that often comes with such a creature, Jonathan made sure to steer clear of the little cub. He went on his way, enjoying his time in the Washington wilderness.

Jonathan Defended His Move To Help The Animal In Trouble

However, the next day during his hike, Jonathan began hearing a creature crying out in pain. The author followed the sound, leading him to the same baby bear from the previous day.

Jonathan, after assessing the situation, discovered that the animal was stuck. It had somehow managed to get itself lodged underneath a tree. Jonathan assisted the animal and freed the little creature from its predicament.

But Jonathan's encounter with the bear was not over. Instead, the bear had thought Jonathan was its new best friend.

"Once I freed him, he basically attached himself to me, so I walked a mile back to the cabin with the cub either right on my heels or clinging to my ankle," Johnathan said.

In a post on Instagram, Jonathan pointed out that he's well aware that his "decision to intervene even under the most dire circumstances, was a controversial one."

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Jonathan added, "I simply made the only decision I was constitutionally capable of making." He mentioned that if he had not acted and the bear had died, "the decision would have haunted me for the rest of my days."

The West Sound Wildlife Shelter posted on Facebook that the bear received fluids and medical treatment. The bear has since been transferred to another animal shelter that had just gotten another black bear cub.

"A righteous man regards the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel."Proverbs 12:10

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