3-Day-Old Abandoned Baby Being ‘Eaten Alive’ By Ants Saved By Divine Intervention

baby being eaten by ants saved

A man saved an abandoned baby being eaten alive by ants. And it’s all because he decided to take a shortcut to work that day!

How anyone can leave a poor, defenseless baby to fend for themselves in the wild is impossible to fathom. Yet, it happens far too often.

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Thankfully, despite the horrible start to this true story, there is a happy ending. (Please be advised, the images are disturbing)

For reasons unknown, a mother dumped her baby girl in 2015 and left her to die in the woods of Russia. The mom chose a remote place where it was unlikely anyone would find the tiny girl. But thanks to divine intervention, a man stumbled upon the poor baby, who was being eaten alive by ants. And just in the nick of time!

Man Finds Baby Being Eaten Alive By Ants

A man headed to work decided to take a shortcut. That shortcut put him right in the path of the abandoned baby girl. Some might call this coincidence. But we know it’s a gift from God!

As this stranger walked to work, he heard crying coming from the wooded area. He followed the cries and made a truly heartbreaking discovery.

baby being eaten by ants saved

Credit: CEN

In a pile of leaves and covered in ants lay a 3-day-old infant baby girl. Her umbilical cord was still attached and the poor baby was being eaten alive by the ants.

"It was clear that the child had been abandoned and there was no one else in sight,” a police spokesperson reported.

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Horrified, the Good Samaritan scooped up the tiny girl and called for an ambulance. And had God not sent him to the right place at the right time, authorities say the baby girl wouldn’t have survived much longer. But because of his rescue, the infant received the medical attention needed for a full recovery. Praise God!

h/t: The Epoch Times

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