3 Russian Dancers Mesmerize Crowd With The Best Robotic Dance Ever

best robotic dance ever

Get ready for the best robotic dance ever! The Russian trio "Detali Time" leaves the crowd and the internet in awe with this incredible performance.

This video from the annual dance battle in Russia called "Back to the Future Battle 2021" caught the internet's attention. The dancers' machine-like movements seem almost impossible! The competition features dancing techniques of "popping, animation, waving, [and] handstyles."

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After missing out on the 2020 competition due to pandemic restrictions, participants and audience members seemed extra excited while watching this group. The three dancers go by "Detali Time" and competed in a division called "Big Animation Showcase." They really DO seem like they are animated!

Russian Dancers Stun With Best Robotic Dance Ever

At the beginning of their routine, the man in the middle used one of those magic floating balls. Just an optical illusion but still impressive. I can't stop staring at it. He also wore a mask that resembles a gas mask - a little creepy but it fits the ominous appearance and straight faces.

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The music itself matches the robotic theme. And it makes it so much more interesting. Also, the incredible way their movements link up with the music makes this the best robotic dance ever! The sound effects make it seem like they're made out of metal and technology.

As if the dancing wasn't enough, they have fun with some costume changes and even more props. The two dancers on the sides bring out lighted sticks that look like lightsabers and use them for a bunch of cool effects.

I'll most likely be watching this a few more times. It's mesmerizing to the point where it's unbelievable — definitely the best robotic dance ever!

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WATCH: Best Robotic Dance Ever At Annual Dance Competition

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