A Billy Graham Speech About Change Becomes Even More Powerful Today

Billy Graham speech on change

This Billy Graham speech on change has always been powerful. But during the tough times we face these days, it is surprisingly relevant for where we find ourselves today!

2020 has come into our lives like an unwanted house guest. It parked itself squarely in the middle of our homes and left us reeling.

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Between social distancing, schools shutting down, businesses closing, jobs lost, and millions worldwide infected because of COVID-19, we've spent most of 2020 going through one difficult season of one change after another. Throw in an election year, and you've got a recipe ripe for unrest.

But Billy Graham's powerful speech on change is even more relevant today.

A pandemic and an election can be rough on your faith, and Billy reminds us to stick to the facts. The laws of nature will never change. The universe will not change. And God has not changed.

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God is unchanging today and forever. His plan of salvation hasn't changed either. In fact, neither has his love for his children and he knows what we are going through because we are in his hands.

Drawing Strength From Speech On Change

In this inspiring video, Billy Graham gives us an uplifting speech that reminds us, Jesus is the way. Billy goes on to say, "In the midst of everything changing, there are some things that never change. Think of it a moment, the nature of God doesn't change.

"How can a finite mind like mine comprehend the infinite? I cannot... When I quote the scripture, I know I am quoting the word of God."

Billy inspires billions who have witnessed this video. With almost two billion views, the message of this video reminds us no matter what is happening in our world, God does not change. He can and will wipe the slate clean for each of us in the middle of our sins if we only ask him because the way of salvation for our world has not changed.

Sit down and get ready to be blessed, uplifted, and full of fire for a God who has you in his hands and be sure to share with someone he needs to know God does not change!

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"Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable." Isaiah 40:28

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