Parents Awake to Handwritten Note from Son, but It’s the Home Security Footage That Melts Them

cooks breakfast

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone cooked breakfast for you on a Saturday morning? These parents got to experience just that, which we witnessed in this TikTok video.

The video begins with a sign on the door written in a little kid’s handwriting that says, “Look ford to Saturdays, you don’t have to make breakfast.” What a sweet boy!

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The Boy Cooks Breakfast For His Parents

He tells his parents they can look forward to Saturdays because he will cook them breakfast that day. Giving them a much-needed break.

The mother, Caitlin writes in the video, “My husband and I woke up to this sign hanging in our room Saturday morning…”

I bet they were pretty impressed to wake up to the sign and a yummy breakfast made by their son. What a fun surprise!

He Made Eggs

The TikTok clip then switches to a video of the young boy, about 6 or 7 years old, starting to cook breakfast. He gets out a few items including a bowl and some eggs. He makes the eggs on the stove and then gives his brother a bit of whipped cream.

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We also see him cleaning up, including using a vacuum. Cleaning is always the hardest part of cooking, and he didn’t leave that for his parents to do as some kids might.

He then reheats his brother’s food and sits with him to eat his own breakfast and watch cartoons.

These Parents Had to Be So Proud

I bet they couldn’t have been prouder when the parents watched that video. Their son not only thought of them but also of his little brother. He even thought to clean up after himself.

As parents, we always hope we can teach our kids different skills such as cooking and cleaning. We want to know they will be able to do things for themselves. This little boy has shown he can, even at a very early age. That is certainly impressive.

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Not only that but he has also shown kindness towards his parents by cooking them breakfast. Something they should definitely be proud of as we need more of that in this world.

WATCH: The Little Boy Cooks Breakfast


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