Strangers React To Parents Telling Their Adult Son To Move Out

parents tell adult son to move out

‘What Would You Do?' is a hidden camera show hosted by John Quiñones that puts strangers in difficult circumstances and records how they react. The reactions can range from person to person but it’s always interesting to watch and see what they do or say. The dilemmas are always relevant to the current times and sometimes, they are inspired by incidents that truly happened to someone in real life. In this episode, parents tell adult son to move out. Strangers overhear and react. Watch and see if you agree!

This particular episode was inspired right from the headlines. Recently, a mother and father took their adult son to court to try and force him out of their house where he lived rent-free. Today, this scenario is played out at a local restaurant with a set of actors playing the parts of the parents and son.

This mother and father think that it's time for the 30-year-old to move out and they're letting him know over lunch. The son's reaction is very strong and other customers in the restaurant can't help but take notice. But it's when the parents exit that the man's true feelings really come out and he remarks to the strangers that he wants to continue living for free and coasting off of his parents. The patron's reactions range from giving the young man life advice to completely agreeing with the parents that it's time to move out.

This is definitely a hotly debated topic and it's really interesting to see it play out on screen. What did you think of this young man's stance on living at home? What would you have done in this situation?

WATCH: Parents Tell Adult Son to Move Out And Strangers Overhear and React


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