Nurses Rally Around Brain-Dead Mom Kept Alive 117 Days To Deliver Baby Girl

brain-dead mom 117 days life support gives birth

A dedicated medical team kept a brain-dead mom in the Czech Republic alive for 117 days. And it was all so that, as her last act, the mom could give life to her unborn baby girl before finally passing away!

When tragedy strikes, it’s hard not to get caught up in asking why. Rarely, though, can anyone find a satisfying answer. Instead, it’s better to focus on the blessings.

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For one family in the Czech Republic, that blessing is a healthy, newborn baby girl!

Pregnant Woman Left On Life Support After Stroke

A 27-year-old woman (whose identity isn’t being released) was 16-weeks pregnant when tragedy struck. The woman suffered a severe stroke and brain hemorrhage, leaving the mom brain-dead.

Sadly, there wasn’t anything the doctors could do to help her. But her unborn child was doing just fine and the team of doctors and nurses were determined to save the baby girl.

This meant leaving the brain-dead mom on life support for 117 days in order to give the baby a chance to finish growing and developing. The medical team came together to do everything possible to make sure the woman’s baby girl survived.

brain-dead mom 117 days life support gives birth

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It wasn’t easy. The team had to keep the brain-dead mom nourished, as well as fight off infections without harming the baby. They also regularly moved the woman’s legs to imitate walking so the baby would continue to grow.

Finally, at 36-weeks pregnant, the team performed a c-section. This miracle baby girl arrived healthy, weighing 4 pounds and 11 ounces. Soon after, doctors finally took the brain-dead mom off of life support.

The healthy baby girl will go home and live with her dad. And after spending 117 days keeping her daughter alive, the brain-dead mom passed away with her family and husband surrounding her.

WATCH: Brain-Dead Mom Gives Birth After 117 Days On Life Support

While this woman may not have been awake for her daughter’s birth, a mother’s love is undeniable. Knowing she safely delivered her baby girl as her final act must serve as a comfort to this grieving family.

Thank God for bringing together such a dedicated and caring team of medical professionals to see this through.

“This has really been an extraordinary case when the whole family stood together,” said the hospital’s head doctor, Pavel Ventruba. “Without their support and their interest, it would never have finished this way.”

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It’s heartbreaking that this mom will never know her daughter here on earth. But God will provide this child with all she needs. And this baby girl is certainly a blessing to the grieving family going through a dark time. Our prayers are with all of them!

h/t: FOX News

Featured Image: University Hospital in Brno