Bride Gives Birth Unexpectedly Just a Day Before Wedding & She Never Knew She Was Pregnant

wedding planner recalls the time a bride unexpectedly gave birth day before her wedding

A bride, hours before she was to walk down the aisle, gave birth to a baby boy, and the bride and groom didn’t know she was even pregnant, according to their wedding planner.

Anyone who has ever gotten married or even been a part of a wedding party knows they are a highly choreographed, pre-planned ceremony. Most things associated with the wedding and reception are meticulously planned, all the way down to the table settings and the silverware at the reception.

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Even the slightest delay or hitch when it comes to a couple's big day can cause big problems. So, when one couple unexpectedly went into labor and gave birth hours before they were to walk down the aisle, their wedding planner understandably got a little nervous.

In a video posted on TikTok, the couple's wedding planner, Amy Rocha, mentioned the strange occurrence. After more than a year of working with the couple, whom she called "John" and "Kate," the week of the wedding finally arrives.

Everything appears to be going smoothly and according to plan. But the day before the wedding, things changed dramatically.

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Amy gets a message to call the groom. During the phone call, Amy learns that John and Kate are now a family of three. Kate gave birth to a child that morning.

The wedding planner states the couple had "no idea" that Kate was pregnant.

The Wedding Went On According To Plan, Went Off Without A Hitch

Amy's first instinct, she says, was to think about what she needed to do to cancel the ceremony. But the bride and new mother was determined to go through with the wedding.

Following her release from the hospital, the new mother went straight to get her hair and makeup done. Amy wasn't sure what kind of shape Kate would be in after just giving birth to a boy.

"I get to hair and makeup, I'm preparing myself to see a woman who just gave birth the day before her wedding unexpectedly," Amy said. "So high emotions, probably. Tears. Probably needs a little extra pep talking. You know, she probably doesn't look her best. She's probably in pain, exhausted."

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But what Amy saw defied all her expectations.

"I opened the door, she says, ‘Amy, I'm so happy you're here,'" Amy recalled. "She's glowing. She's getting her hair curled.”

Amy even recalled the bride was holding a mimosa. “She's doing great.” Amy said.

The wedding and the reception went on as planned before the unexpected arrival.

"To this day, it is the most on-time and seamless wedding day that I have ever been a part of," Amy said.

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Even more unbelievable, the bride told Amy that she had an IUD in place. She was getting her monthly cycles and had none of the symptoms associated with being pregnant.

When the bride went up to go to the restroom, a healthy baby, born at 42 weeks, happened to come out, the bride told Amy.

"Before you were formed in the body of your mother, I had knowledge of you, and before your birth, I made you holy; I have given you the work of being a prophet to the nations."Jeremiah 1:5

WATCH: Former Wedding Planner Recalls Couple’s Unexpected Birth Day Before Ceremony

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