Her Best Friend Missed Her Wedding, So the Bride Surprised Her in the Hospital

Bride Surprises Matron of Honor

Bride surprises the Matron of Honor in the most unexpected way. Her best friend missed her wedding so the bride surprised her at the hospital.

Friendship holds a deep bond anchored within our hearts, especially our best friends. They become the sister we never had. We can be our most authentic selves, and they love us for who we are.

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Arielle and Christine Have a Special Type of Friendship

True friends become an integral part of each other’s lives, sharing in every joy, sorrow, triumph, and challenge. They hold each other’s secrets, dreams, and fears, providing a sanctuary of unconditional love and understanding.

This kind of friendship is more than just a relationship; it’s a soulful connection that offers strength, support, and unwavering loyalty. It’s about showing up in the most critical moments, even when life gets complicated, and cherishing the shared memories that weave a tapestry of trust and devotion. Such friendships become the bedrock of one’s existence, promising a lifetime of companionship, love, and a bond that can never be broken.

This kind of friendship is shared between Arielle deNeergaard and Christine West, who have been best friends for nearly two decades. When Arielle was planning her June wedding, she knew she wanted Christine by her side. Christine, who had Arielle as her Maid of Honor at her own wedding, eagerly anticipated returning the favor.

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A Sister and a Soulmate

“She was my maid of honor at my wedding, so me being the maid of honor for her and doing those duties was something that I really, really, really wanted to do,” Christine said.

To Arielle, Christine was not just a best friend but a "sister and soulmate." However, shortly after Arielle’s request, Christine discovered she was pregnant. Both women were unsure what would happen, given Christine’s due date was so close to the wedding.

Christine gave birth to her first child with her husband Chandler on June 6, just two days before Arielle’s June 8 wedding. It seemed likely Christine would have to miss her best friend’s big day. Arielle had made peace with the idea of not having Christine at her wedding, but when she realized she could surprise her friend before the ceremony, she jumped at the chance.

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Arielle Drove to the Hospital With Her Photographer

“She’s my best friend and my sister and soulmate. I just couldn’t imagine not sharing that moment with her,” Arielle said. “And because there was a way to make it happen, too, I was just like, let’s do this.” Arielle had a big surprise planned for the best friend she’d known since first grade.

On the morning of her wedding, Arielle, dressed in her white wedding gown, drove to the hospital with her photographer for a special surprise visit. With Chandler’s blessing, Arielle opened the door to Christine’s hospital room. Christine was “shell-shocked.”

“The thought of her thinking to do that was just absolutely beautiful,” Christine said. “It just shows how selfless she is as a person and who she is to her core and how important our relationship is, for her to genuinely have taken time away from her literal wedding to come and see me all in the hospital bed.”

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Both the Bride and New Mom Teared Up

Both the bride and the new mom teared up during the surprise, and they said it couldn’t have turned out any better than they imagined. What an incredible moment to witness your best friend dressed in white and ready to walk down the aisle. Christine got to see her best friend before anybody else got to see her on the big day.

As Arielle and Christine’s story beautifully illustrates, the bonds of true friendship and sisterhood are unbreakable. Their unwavering support for each other, even in the most pivotal moments of their lives, demonstrates the profound impact of such a connection. This extraordinary bond not only enriches their lives but also serves as an inspiring testament to the enduring power of love, loyalty, and friendship. Through every milestone and challenge, friends who become sisters remind us that we are never alone, and that the ties of true friendship can weather any storm, providing strength, joy, and a sense of belonging that lasts a lifetime.

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Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

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