Woman Discovers Clerk at Grocery Store Has No Heat & Surprises Him with Kindness of Strangers

woman surprises grocery store clerk with new boiler

A woman surprised a grocery store clerk in Wisconsin with kindness and generosity after learning he had gone without heat and hot water for over a year.

Everyone has problems and issues they face, some more than others. However, those situations can feel like a never-ending struggle. Most people do not openly share their problems with others. Whether they are embarrassed or don't want to burden others, it's not something people do. That's why no one can be entirely sure what battles someone else is secretly fighting.

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For someone going through a battle, a difficult period in life, unexpected kindness and love can make all the difference. Stephanie Peach did just that for 65-year-old Dennis Raiten, a Pick ‘N Save employee in Monroe, Wisconsin, according to WMTV.

Dennis is beloved by his coworkers and customers alike. He has been described as "helpful, friendly and hardworking" by those who know him best. Additionally, the grocery store worker is always kind to everyone.

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Stephanie, a Pick ‘N Save customer, called Dennis a "lovely older gentleman." So, when she learned that Dennis had gone without heat and hot water for close to 15 months, she took action.

Grocery Store Worker Left Speechless By Unexpected Act of Kindness

Back in May, Stephanie started up a GoFundMe page for Dennis. She was hoping to raise enough money to buy the helpful, friendly and kind grocery store employee a new boiler.

“No 65 year old should have to take cold showers and not have heat,” Stephanie wrote on the page.

Stephanie surprised Dennis with the new boiler at work.

In a video on YouTube, Dennis stated he was left speechless by Stephanie’s kindness.

"I'm just flabbergasted," he said. "I guess, she's, she's one of the few people that leaves me speechless. So, she did that."

After the boiler, Stephanie is now hoping to provide Dennis with even more help, according to Sunny Skyz. She has since increased the page's goal.

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In a follow-up post on the page, Stephanie wrote, "Dennis' bathroom needs a lot more work than we anticipated. Help us get him the bathroom he deserves!"

Currently, the page is at more than half its $12,000 goal. Since its launch in late May, Stephanie has raised a little less than $7,000.

"And be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you."Ephesians 4:32

WATCH: Woman Surprises Grocery Store Worker with New Boiler

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